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5 beaches you should visit

Zlatni Rat, Brač

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Zlatni Rat located on the island of Brač. The island of Brač is renowned for its long tradition of stone craftsmanship and the production of exquisite wine. Enjoy the nearby town of Bol. Whether you want to indulge in a peaceful evening walk, dine by the sea, or sip cocktails at one of the bars, Bol has it all. For those who wish to experience the history of this area, visit the breath-taking monastery of Blaca. This is a unique opportunity to truly touch and feel the fascinating stories woven into the past of this place and the island itself.

Dubovice, Hvar

Picture yourself in Dubovica, the best-kept secret of the island of Hvar. A place crafted for ultimate relaxation and refreshing swims. This hidden piece of paradise invites you to unwind in the tranquillity of its cove, surrounded by natural beauties and crystal-clear waters. After unwinding, take a walk through the nearby town of Hvar and spice up your adventure with a touch of local charm.

Saplunara, Mljet

Discover the enchantment of Saplunara, a captivating sandy beach located in a serene bay at the southern tip of the island of Mljet. Surrender to the peacefulness of this coastal sanctuary and indulge in gastronomic delights at nearby restaurants. Whether you’re spending the evening with family or friends, Saplunara promises a perfect sensory experience, combining the scent of the sea, the beauty of the landscape, and the taste of local cuisine. Secure your spot on the boat for an unforgettable night in this beautiful paradise of the island of Mljet.

Stiniva, Vis

Explore the unique beauty of Stiniva on the island of Vis. This secluded beach is surrounded by towering cliffs, perfect for cliff jumping enthusiasts. Enjoy the stunning views while soaking in the shallow waters of the sandy beach, which formed within the remnants of a cave. Take a stroll through nature and experience all the beauty of the landscape. For those inclined to leisure, a nearby café offers shelter with refreshing drinks. This beach is truly a haven for the soul, body, and mind.

Sakarun, Dugi Otok

Experience the magic of Sakarun Beach at the northern tip of Dugi Otok. This beautiful beach covered in white sand is bathed in blue sea. It’s perfect for swimming in crystal clear waters and enjoying the view towards the open sea. Next to the beach is a bar where you can treat yourself to a perfect refreshing cocktail, satisfying all your senses.