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Ports of call

Everyone knows Split, Zadar, Hvar, Primosten, Sibenik and Korcula, but do you know them?

Maslinica, Šolta

Sail away towards the charming town of Maslinica on the island of Šolta, where you will be greeted by a stunning bay. The bay where Maslinica is located is engulfed in rustic beauty, surrounded by historic stone houses and fishing boats gently swaying on the clear surface of the Adriatic Sea. As you sail, you will discover a plethora of enticing restaurants along the coastline, which, combined with the beautiful landscape, provide the perfect backdrop for a complete gourmet experience. Additionally, if you head to the top of the nearby hill, you can indulge in delicacies from a traditional fish restaurant while enjoying a view of the nearby archipelago. The authentic atmosphere, view, taste, and scent of Maslinica itself make it an unavoidable destination for those who wish to exchange their hectic everyday life for enjoyment in a peaceful coastal town.

Bobovisca, Brač

Set sail for the picturesque bay of Bobovišća on the island of Brač, a place where the relaxed atmosphere reveals all the beauty of this hidden gem of the Adriatic. The bay of Bobovišća itself is adorned with charming stone houses, which, combined with the azure sea, create a perfect post-card scene. As the bay is tucked into the mainland, it also provides excellent shelter from the winds and is a perfect spot for overnight docking or anchoring. Navigating or anchoring in this bay offers an intimate view of Bobovišća’s maritime spirit, revealing the harmonious relationship between the place, its people, and the sea. Relax in the cosy cafes along the coast, experience homemade delicacies in one of the restaurants. Let yourself be embraced by all the beauty of this place, where the scents of the sea perfectly blend with the atmosphere, homemade cuisine, and culture.

Pučišća, Brač

Imagine stone houses that have witnessed more sunsets than we can count. Imagine the sea and boats embracing in the magical dance of the morning dew. Imagine Pučišća. Pučišća on the island of Brač are like a warm embrace of the Adriatic. It’s a bay where the relaxed play of land with the sea is revealed, a rhythm woven into the pulse of this place. Wander along the coast where the magic of the landscape and the sea creates an idyllic atmosphere, as enchanting as the morning breeze. Pučišća isn’t just a place; Pučišća are an invitation to relax, absorb the local rhythm, and experience the magic of tranquillity and peace.

Jelsa, Hvar

Welcome to Jelsa on the island of Hvar, a place where it feels like the sun lasts a bit longer, and the sea whispers stories of island life. As you approach this magical place, imagine a charming coastal melody, a blend of historic houses and boats swaying in gentle rhythms. Entering Jelsa feels like meeting an old friend, like a familiar, warm, and fulfilling story. Embark on an exploration of local delicacies whose aroma spreads through the bay with a hint of breeze. Write your own story filled with the culinary magic of the island and adorned with the flavours of the finest local wines, whose symphony of tastes makes this experience unforgettable.