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What to take?


Sailing tips and tricks – to make most of your experience:

To help you indulge and enjoy with us, we have prepared the “must have” list, so you can enjoy and relax while sailing onboard Marina Yachting Dalmatia.


Before setting a sail, get familiar with the vessel, especially with safety equipment and procedures.

Get to know the engines, navigational instruments, different types of anchoring and docking, electrical, water and other utilities onboard the vessel.

Our friendly crew and staff on the pier are always there for you, at any given time, to provide you with information and support and maximise your experience. 

We kindly advise you to not walk around the vessel and please do not jump into the sea while we are sailing. Also, consider winds and weather conditions before you are setting a sale. Take into consideration that you need to have enough water and food for your sailing experience. When anchoring, please consider currents and sea depth.

Nothing stays on the path to your dream vacations onboard one of our vessels.



  • Passport or ID card
  • Boat licence and radio certificate
  • Driving licence (in case you would like to rent a car)
  • Cash, debit and/or credit card (Croatia use Euro as main currency)
  • Medical documentation


  • Swimming suite
  • Casual clothes and shoes that can withstand slippery surfaces
  • Cloths and shoe for shore excursions
  • Sun hat and sunglasses with safety rope
  • Sailing glows for sailors and those who would like to become sailors

Medicine and sun protection

  • Enough quantity of prescribed medications
  • Weatherproof protection from sun for skin and lips
  • After sun cream or hydronation cream

Additional Equipment

  • Waterproof bag
  • Chargers and power banks for phones, cameras etc.
  • Music, books, playing cards, bord games etc.